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3.5 kVA ~ 12 kVA

The Best Statis UPS Ever


The glass E-Pox double sided PCB of INDUS STATIC UPS is developed using high quality durable components. The advanced hardware and software bundle enables the system to run smoothly.

Heavy Duty Transformer

Temperature is one of the prime factors that affects a transformer's life and usability. The transformers used in INDUS STATIC UPS are designed to discharge minimal heat. This highly efficient temperature sensitive heavy duty transformer results in higher overload capability & durability.

Quick Change Over

An instant changeover of INDUS STATIC UPS does not allow your sensitive equipments such as TV, Computer, Laptop, AC, etc. to restart or reboot, thus resulting in enhanced safety & durability.

Innovative Design

Due to its innovative & streamlined internal mechanical structure, INDUS STATIC UPS systems are extremely compact, silent and user friendly. This enables the servicing to be quick and easy.

Smart LCD Display

The smart LCD panel of INDUS STATIC UPS displays vital system information and the status of the UPS. The inbuilt identifying system recognizes any faults in the system and the LCD panel displays the relevant alerts, thus reducing the efforts and time required for maintenance.

Technical Specifications