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High Frequency Online UPS

HFT 900 Series / 1 kVA ~ 10 kVA

Reliable, Intelligent, Compact, Scalable & Flexible for Critical Computer, Internet Network & Telecom Application

Secure Power Supply, wherever irreplaceable data loss, production loss & electrical downtime are serious issues, especially as main power is subject to numerous short & long disturbances. Specialising in critical application power supplies, AIRKOM UPS provides effective protection of sensitive equipment against disturbances affecting the quality of the electrical network.

Aircom SCVS Range

HFT 900 Series 1 to 10 kVA
HFR 900R Series 1 to 10 kVA
LFT 800 Series 1 to 30 kVA
LFT 890 Series 10 to 400 kVA

Parallel Redundancy (6 - 10 kVA)

  • Upto 2 units can be Parallel for power redundancy and load sharing
  • Highest reliability and maximum performance for power sharing and redundancy

Other Aircooled 3 Ph Series