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True Online UPS - HX3

10 KVA – 200 KVA


The AIRKOM HX Series Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) uses double conversion topology that resolves all utility power problems and supplies clean, continuous, uninterruptible power to connected equipment. Whether you're selecting a UPS for a branch office, manufacturing floor, medical facility, or a large data centre, there's a HX Series model that delivers just the right combination of performance and price for your needs.

The HX Series is constantly monitoring power conditions regulating both voltage and frequency. Even when presented with the most severe power problems, this UPS's output remains within two percent of nominal voltage. With a wide input voltage range, the HX does not depend on batteries to smooth out minor power fluctuations. Batteries are conserved for those times when utility power is highly unstable or completely out. If an outage occurs, the HX transfers to battery with zero interruption in power, making this an ideal UPS for sensitive and critical equipment.

HX Series UPSs offer the highest level of power protection available and are always recommended for mission-critical applications like Industrial Automation, Data Centers / IT Servers, Telecom, Process Automation & Control Equipment, Banks & Financial services and Health Care Equipments etc.

State-of-the-Art Features in a HX Series UPS System

  • Double - Conversion Topology: All Airkom HX Series UPSs employ a double-conversion topology to completely isolate the protected load from utility power, providing the best level of power protection available.
  • Highest protection from all potential problems: Protects connected equipment from all nine of the most common power problems with true online, double conversion topology
  • Built-in Isolation Transformer: A specially-designed Isolation transformer is available to protect your critical equipment from voltage spikes, transients, and the detrimental effects of common mode noise. The transformer generates a new ground for your system; maintaining the integrity of a clean, noise-free reference for your critical loads.
  • Supplying extremely stable and reliable power: Power source of complete sine wave can be supplied with the all time inverter power feeding (True On-Line Method) system even at the time when power is stopped or at the moment of momentary power failure or in the event of voltage drop; Eliminating malfunctions of load equipment due to disorder of power waveform.
  • High output: State-of-the-art DSC based system to achieve an operating efficiency of 95%*. This technology halves (50%) the energy dissipated in a year by traditional UPS, with an efficiency level of 85 - 90%. Its exceptional performance makes it possible to recover the capital investment cost in less than three years of operation.
  • Advanced control with Adaptive Feed Forward Cancellation (AFC) Technology for very low harmonic distortion*: By cancelling input current and output voltage harmonics, the harmful effects of harmonic injection into the power network is eliminated and it will enhance load integrity.
  • Power Performance: Airkom HX UPS operates at a high efficiency to reduce utility costs, increase reliability and extend battery life. Features such as an optional intelligent input filter and innovative input circuit design keep input current harmonic distortion (THD) low, resulting in maximum transfer of power between the power source and protected load, and enhancing total compatibility with upstream power sources.
  • Wide Input Range: This feature provides added security during deep brownout conditions, without battery consumption. It assures that the batteries will be at full capacity for a real emergency... a power outage.
  • LCD with status LED's for easy management: HX Series is equipped with LCD screen with status LED's enhancing display information and advanced configuration.
  • N+1 parallel redundancy for power safety and reliability: N+1 technology allows a flexible adjustment of UPS power capacity all the time. Should any one UPS is malfunctioning; other UPSs will back up the load immediately. It increases power safety and reliability.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance: Built-in maintenance bypass assures continuous power to critical loads during UPS maintenance. Besides, to facilitate installation and maintenance, all panel control and connectors are front accessibility.
  • Unmatched Best-In-Class Extended Support: Airkom comprehensive warranty & AMC is the best in the industry. At Airkom, we stand behind the products we build. That's why we have the longest, most comprehensive extended warranty/AMC1 in the business, offering up to 5-year, including both spares & labour Warranty

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