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Power Saver Unit

Substantial power saving with low maintenance cost due to longer life

Airkom now presents the Power Saver Unit (PSU) for lighting applications to conserve the energy substantially and enhances its life hours. In today’s world the inception of electronic ballasts and energy efficient lightings to conserve the energy, an another important factor to contribute major savings is just by stabilizing the applied voltage at an optimum level and thereby achieve the savings, while illumination level to the industrial standards. The industrial sector consumes 5-10% of their total consumption for their lighting applications and thereby the need to conserve the energy becomes mandatory. Airkom becomes the obvious choice for this application as it has generated a wide acceptance in the industrial sector for various applications like Textiles & CNC machineries, Medical equipments Printing machineries, Air-conditioners and other applications.

The Concept

Airkom Power Saver Unit (PSU) provides your lighting loads and optimum regulated voltage enabling you to achieve minimum 7.5% to maximum 30% savings as well as enhanced life hours. Airkom’s unique features built into the power saver unit protect your loads from the vagaries of the Input power supply preventing frequent breakdowns such as choke and tube light failures even under extreme voltage conditions.

Calculation and Technical Study

The following calculation and technical study explains how by reducing the supply voltage leads to reduction of load current which further increases the savings. The luminance at a required level is maintained when the supply voltage is maintained at 210Volts.

P=V×I ...Equation 1
P=I^2×R ...Equation 2
I=V/ R ...Equation 3
Considering 5000 watts load
If I/p voltage is 240V, as per Eqn. 1,
5000=240 × I
I=5000 /240=20.83 Amps
Substituting R in equation 3 at I/p voltage 205 V :
I=V / R
I "=210 /11.52=18.3 Amps"
Substituting I in equation 2 :
I=5000 /434=11.52 Ohms
Substituting R in equation 3 at I/p voltage 240 V :
I=240 /11.52=20.83 Amps.
Consumption at 240 Volts :240 X 20.83 = 5000W
Consumption at 210 Volts : 210 x 18.30 = 3843W
Savings in % = 23%

Sample Study showing power consumption of fluorescent lamps at different voltages

Output Voltage (V) Current (A) Power (kW) % of savings when compared with 230 V
205 3.92 794 15
208 3.98 819 12.5
210 4.06 852 10
220 4.14 898 5
230 4.20 938 0


Case Studies of energy saving using the AIRKOM Power Saver Unit: A technical study taken at one of our client at Sanpada (Groupload)

Product: Airkom 300 KVA Servo Stabiliser

Energy readings taken manually thru MSEB meter
Date : 10.06.2013
With Airkom 300 KVA Servo Stabiliser @ O/p 395 V      
Energy Reading at 17:10 0 kWh Start
Energy Reading at 19:10 197 kWh End
Without Airkom 300 KVA Servo Stabiliser @MSEB 415 V      
Energy Reading at 19:20 0 kWh Start
Energy Reading at 21:20 220 kWh End
Consumption with Stabiliser 197 kWh  
Consumption without Stabiliser 220 kWh  
Saving in Units 23 kWh  
Saving in % @SCVS O/p 395 V from MSEB I/p 415 V 10.45%    
Saving in % @SCVS O/p 395 V from MSEB I/p 440 V >11.5%    
Average daily consumption 2400 kWh  
Monthly consumption 72000 kWh  
MSEB price per unit (Incl.Taxes) Rs. 10.89 INR  
Savings @10.45% per month in Units (During MSEB Voltage 415 V) 7524 kWh  
Savings @10.45% per month in INR Rs. 81,936 INR  
Savings @11.5% per month in Units (During MSEB Voltage 440 V) 8280 kWh  
Savings @11.5% per month in INR Rs. 90,169 INR  

The above study has been conducted by also measuring the illumination level of lightings and found that the luminance level is within limits of the industrial lighting standards.

The savings achieved by using our PSU is 10.5% since this study has been conducted at 40% of the full load, the savings achievable at full load will meet or greater than the achieved savings.

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