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1 kVA To 100 kVA

The ASP series is an advanced TRUE SOLAR high efficiency Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) which offers very unique and powerful features.

The load is automatically powered either from Invertor or Grid depending on the availability od Solar Energy and battery status. Similarly, Grid charger or Solar charger comes ON by sensing the battery charge status and solar power availability. Solar charger always takes priority oer Grid charger.

The inverter output is stable pure sine wave and highly regulated which can ve used for any sensitive electonic equipment and it can run any domestic loads like Incandescent CFL/Fluorescent/Halogen bulbs, Fans, Food processors, Audio & Video equipments and PC etc.

Why solar power is the right choice?

Eco Friendly Solar power packs are non-polluting, effiient and noiceless. Solar energy prevents further exploitation of precious natural resources and helps save our planet for future generations.
Economical Once installed, the energy from a solar power pack is practically free. The grid electricity tariffs continue to increase and higher the tariff, greater are the power bill savings with solar.
Independence Take the first step and become independent from the public grid. Generate your own electricity and have a power back-up to ensure virtually uninterrupted power around the clock.

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