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Solar Pump Controller

India's first Indigenously Manufactured

About Our product

Unpredictable power supply and high fuel cost to run the watr pumps results in poor suply of irrigation water, drinking water etc. Our solar powered 'Airkom Power Plus' pump controller is the sustainable solution to all your water related problems. It's more economical and enviroment friendly. It does not require cnventional power or battery backup. Excess power from solar can be used to charge the battries.

How it works

Our solar powered pump system includes Photovoltaic Panel, Airkom Power Plus Controller and your existing AC/DC Motor. Thispump controller is a combination of Inverter, MPPT and VFD. It uses rge DC power generated from PV and converts it in to AC tto run the exisiting water pump. The VFD technology eliminates the high starting current of the induction motor. It starts pumping the water from Sunrise till sunset.