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Ultra Islolation Transformer

UIT Series / 1 kVA To 1000 kVA

An Ultra isolation transformer ensures a truly isolated clean and stable power environment. It renders total electrical and electrostatic isolation with most effective screening of high frequency aberrations such as spikes, surges and transients (excluding lower harmonics) and provides a true isolated local neutral and a virgin earth, giving complete protection against such power related problems.

This is an advanced version of isolation transformer. Construction of ultra isolation transformers is very different from the regular isolation transformer. In this secondary coils are split (or primary and secondary coils) as two or more coils according to the capacity of the transformer. The shielding method is also different because of the construction style.

There is an inductance created between the coils because it is split. This inductance will give you more noise attenuation. As primary coil is not wound on top of the secondary coil the coupling capacitance is less. This is mainly used to protect the CNC Machines, Medical Equipments, Computers and Telecommunications equipment from damage due to electrical noise, spikes etc.

Airkom Transformer Series

Isolation Transformer
Ultra Isolation Transformer
K - Rated Isolation Transformer
Step Up / Down Transformer

Technical Specifications

Ratio 1 : 1
Load Regulation 2-4% for 100% change in current @ unity P.F.
Efficiency Better than 97%
Connections Delta / Star
Dielectric Strength 2.5 KV
DC Isolation Over 100Mohms between any windings or windings to ground.
Common Mode Noise Rejection Over 120 db
Coupling Capacitance 0.1 pf for 100dB 0.05pf for 120dB
Line Frequency 47 to 63Hz.

K-Rated Transformers

What K- FACTOR to use?

  • K-Factor transformers are available from a K-4 rating to a K-20 rating.
  • A K-4 Rated transformer is rated for 35% nonlinear load.
  • A K-7 Rated transformer is rated for 50% linear and 50% non-linear. The mix may be 50/50 at one point in time and change to 80/20 in the future.
  • A K-13 Rated transformer is rated for 75% nonlinear loading. This transformer would take care of most present and future needs.
  • K-20 Rated transformer is for installations that have an unusually high harmonic or nonlinear content. Here again there is a price premium for the additional insurance.

Series ultra K

K-Rated Shielded Isolation Transformer - Computer Grade Transformers

Product function and description

  • The overall function of the ULTRA K Isolation Transformer is to deliver conditioned power to a nonlinear high-harmonic current load and operate at safe temperatures while minimizing the harmonic current delivered to the power grid. An additional function of the ULTRA K is to attenuate both common mode and transverse mode noise going to the load.
  • The product is offered with four different K-Factors (K-4, K-7, K-13 & K-20) standard. The K-Factor is a means of rating the transformer's ability to withstand the heating effects of harmonic and fundamental current flowing in the transformer. Utilization of the proper K-Factor is absolutely essential in every installation. If too low a K-Factor is used, it can result in failure, fire, overheating, and wave form distortion.

Salient Features of AIRKOM K-Rated Series

The ULTRA K has many features to assure the user of reliable, trouble free, safe operation if the proper K-rating is utilized.

  • Multiple K-rating selection, K-4, K-7, K-13, K-20
  • Transverse mode noise attenuation
  • Designed for linear and nonlinear loads
  • Optional filter for additional high-frequency mode noise attenuation
  • Removes triplen harmonic currents from the line
  • Solves 88% of typical power disturbance problems
  • High Efficiency
  • Heavy-duty cabinet construction
  • Double or triple shield for high common mode noise
  • Input / Output breakers - Optional attenuation