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Activated Carbon Filter (WipACF)

1-28 m3/h, 10 Models

Wipro Water Activated Carbon Filters are used for de-chlorination, removal of organic contaminants and color. Excellent quality granular activated carbon is used as adsorption media that offers excellent organic removal by adsorption. The quick reaction of chlorine with carbon ensures complete removal of free residual chlorine. The activated carbon used in the filter has high adsorption capacity (Iodine value 900) and low ash content <5% that results in prolonged life of carbon and consistent treated water quality for a variety of water & waste water applications.

Features & Advantages

  • FRP pressure vessel is designed for 5.0 kg/cm2 pressure and offers excellent corrosion resistance
  • The high grade granular activated carbon used has high organic removal capacity and longer life
  • The complete frontal assembly is in artificial material thus offering complete corrosion protection and excellent life for the equipment
  • The vessel is light weight and supported on a skirt made of artificial material and can be installed at any flat strong surface without any civil work
  • 40% expansion of carbon bed during backwash to ensure cleaning of particulate matter

Model Selection Chart