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Reverse Osmosis System (IntelRO)

3-24 m3/h, 8 Models

Wipro Water InteiRO System produces low TDS high quality water, free from particulates, colloids, organic pollution and bacterial contamination present in feed by using high quality brackish water membranes independent of the source water; bore well, surlace, lake, pond or river or treated industrial effluent or sewage. The unit is self contained and includes necessary pre-filters, pressure boosting system, safety devices, energy optimization and instrumentation to ensure free flow of high quality water immediately after commissioning.


  • Feed water upto 2500 mg/I total dissolved solids, treated water TDS<100 mg/I
  • Membranes selected have > 99% salt rejection thus ensuring consistent quality of water
  • Built in safety to protect dry running of pump and damage to membranes due to exposure to free residual chlorine
  • Equipped with necessary instrumentation to give better operation control to operator
  • Self Contained One skid design : Plug & Play


  • Process water
  • PotableWaterfor Buildings, Hotels
  • Industrial Cooling Water
  • Bottle Water Plants
  • Any other industrial application requiring LowTDS water

Model Selection Chart