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Air Filters

A wide selection of filtration solutions for compressed air with different filter types and grades. Supported by our expert application knowledge.

SFA Silicone-free filters

Our SFA filters provide exceptional air purity for applications where silicone-free air is required, such as painting and automotive. Protect your end-products.

UD+ oil coalescing filters

Reduce energy costs by 40% with the UD+ two-in-one oil coalescing filtration solution. Best-in-class air purity. Protect your investment, equipment and processes.

DD(+) and PD(+) oil coalescing filters

Our high-performance oil-coalescing filters remove oil aerosol, wet dust and water drops from compressed air.

DDp(+) and PDp(+) dry dust filters

Our DDp(+) and PDp(+) dry dust filters efficiently prevent dust, particulates and micro-organisms arising from corrosion, dirt and adsorption material from entering your compressed air stream.

QDT activated carbon tower

The high-efficiency activated carbon tower removes oil vapor and odors from your compressed air set-up.

QD(+) oil vapor filters

Our high-performance oil vapor removal filter removes oil vapor and odors from compressed air.

OSC oil-water separator

The OSC can separate all kinds of condensate from all compressed air set-ups technologies, giving unparalleled performance and reliability for minimal maintenance.

OSS oil-water separator

An oil water separation solution for low flow applications that disposes of oil in compressor condensate in a safe and environment-friendly way

EWD and WD

Safe, dependable and economical condensate management: with Atlas Copco EWD and WD water separators and drains. Minimal maintenance, high reliability