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CDX Dryer – Adsorption

Capacity : 2.96 to 2,222.85 cfm / Pressure Dew point : 40°C / Maximum Pressure : 16 kg

CD dryers have a constant air pressure due to smooth pressurizing of the towers. Granularaluminum oxide is used for a low dew point & easy regeneration. The principle of the heatless adsorption dryers (reactivation by purge air) is based on the physical property of the desiccant to adsorb & desorb water vapor. The dryer consists of two drying towers, one of which is in drying service while the other is under reactivation treatment.


  • Low dew points
  • Highly efficient moisture separation with automatic drain
  • A full range meeting the demands of industry
  • Designed and tested for operation in all climates
  • Complete dryer operation overview


  • Minimal floor space requirement
  • Simple forklift installation - connect and it's ready to operate
  • Easy maintenance access to all internal components
  • A comprehensive range meeting your application needs
  • Reliable around the clock performance