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GA 11 to GA 90 VSD

Horsepower Range :40 - 125/ Capacity : 203 - 604 cfm / Pressure : 4 - 13 kg

Atlas Copco pioneered the GA Variable Speed Drive compressors, offering the capability to match perfectly compressor capacity to air demand. A GA VSD compressor is able to follow the fluctuating demand by varying the speed of its drive motor. As air demand goes down, the GA VSD lowers the delivered flow and consequently the power consumption. This is the key feature of the GA VSD compressors: They reduce the energy consumption to a minimum by avoiding completely unloaded power consumption and save up to 22% on the total life cycle cost Atlas Copco designed the GA VSD range according to the "WorkPlace Air System™" concept, offering the possibility to move the compressor out of the conventional compressor room to the point of use. This concept has been made possible thanks to the extremely low noise levels & the integration of the optional ancillaries such as air and condensate treatment. The GA 18 - 90 VSD units are delivered to the site equipped with oil and are ready to go. To start the operation, just plug in the compressor to its power source. Maintaining a pipe network is cumbersome and costly. Besides the pressure drop over the pipe network, experience shows that leakages of up to 10% of the total compressor capacity are not unusual. The "WorkPlace" concept offers the possibility to eliminate this unnecessary power consumption and save money.

The GA 18-90 VSD series are available as :

  • Air or water cooled versions.
  • WorkPlace or WorkPlace Full Feature (including dryer) versions.
  • High ambient versions (up to 145°F).

Superior performance, cut energy costs by more than 35%

Due to the variable speed drive technology, air demand & compressor capacity can be perfectly matched, avoiding unloaded power consumption completely.

Very precise pressure control

The GA VSD can keep the pressure within a ± 1.5 psig band, resulting in even more energy savings as every 7.25 psig reduction in delivery pressure reduces the power consumption with 3%.

Pressure flexibility thanks to electronic gearing

The GA VSD allows the user to choose any delivery pressure between 55 and 188 psig without needing to change gears or belts.

Outstanding electrical characteristics

The GA VSD draws no starting current peaks and has a high power factor avoiding penalties from electricity companies.

Low noise level

The use of a radial low speed fan and modern techniques of vibro-acoustic optimization has resulted in extremely low noise levels.

All-in-one packages

All air and condensate treatment equipment can be integrated into the compressor package, thus reducing installation costs and floor space requirements to a minimum.