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Filters – DDX, PDX, QDX

Capacity: Upto 15-1000 cfm / Pressure : 4-13 Kg

After compression, contaminants can combine in the piping system with condensed moisture, pipe scale and rust, creating a damaging abrasive mixture Instruments and tools can malfunction, spray painting and breathing air can be rendered unusable, maintenance costs will increase and products spoiled. The range of Atlas Copco's DDX - PDX and QDX compressed air filters, when used in the right combinations, can provide high quality air at nominal working conditions.

DDX Range

Coalescing air filters for general purpose protection, removing liquid water and oil aerosol to 0.1 ppm, and particles down to 1 micron.

PDX Range

High efficiency coalescing air filters, removing liquid water and oil aerosol to 0.01 ppm, and particles down to 0.01 micron.

QDX Range

Active carbon air filters for removal of oil vapors and hydrocarbon odors with a maximum remaining oil content of 0.003 ppm, and is to be installed after a PD filter.